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The aim and objectives of the Association shall be as follows:

1. Providing information about government regulations to the institutions who are members of the association, related to government schemes and legal information to the institutions to solve their problems.

2. Getting information about institutions, Associations in Maharashtra as well as other states outside Maharashtra and support other institutions, Associations who have similar objectives.

3. In accordance with the act in force in the State for the furtherance of the objectives of the Association, helping them by collaborating with other institutions and Associations in India as well as abroad.

4. Association member Institutes, colleges should take necessary action to improve the social, economic, political condition as well as their status in the society.

5. To solve the problems of member institutions, management, nursing colleges and students in coordination with Central Government, State Government as well as Indian Nursing Council, Maharashtra Nursing councils at state level, universities, examination boards etc.

6. Careful safeguarding of the legal rights of the management of nursing colleges.

7. a) Making guidelines for teaching and non- teaching staff.

    b) To issue guidelines to institutions for appointment of teaching and non- teaching staff as per the qualification prescribed by Nursing Council, New Delhi, State of Maharashtra, University of Bombay.

8. To strive for the quality and excellence of the nursing institutes.

9. To conduct the entrance examination and follow the admission process as per the decision of the supreme court.

10. To solve the problems in the matter of nursing education and contacting, consulting, representing the concerned authorities for this regularly.

11. To improve the practice of nursing education, Nursing colleges and Institutions of nursing should exchange of courses and new research programs.

12. . To strive to uphold the goals and values of nursing education by maintaining regular contact with institutions, students, faculty and medical institutions.

13. To take efforts regarding employment and self- employment for the students from the educational institutions to medical (service) institutions.

14. To promote higher education, research, patents and consultancy for teachers and students.

15. To plan for scholarships, and free ships for meritorious students and declaring ideal teacher awards for meritorious teachers by filling the reports every year.

16. To formulate guidelines to make nursing admission process very easy and consultation of institution, students, parents and alumni regarding admission fee, as well as audit report of the institution, depreciation/ rent and future development is determined.

17. To carry out internal evaluation to achieve the objectives of the association and to maintain the quality of higher nursing education and the institutions.

18. To conduct advanced courses, camps, educational tours, workshops, research guidance, lectures, demonstration by experts and advanced institutes for teachers and support teaching staff as well as submission of research Papers.

19. To prepare a standard guideline to principals to harmonize their administrative work.

20. to avoid unnecessary correspondence government universities and institutions and striving for building mutual respect, dignity, trust and sense of self- respect between them.

Also, in order to uphold the standard of nursing education, the Association will continuously communicate with the advanced nursing education institutes and universities abroad to keep the educational standards of the educational institutes equal to the international level of the Indian education institutes and urge them to make appropriate improvements in the nursing education courses according to the time. So that while evaluating the students of any nursing degree in India and abroad, they should be carefully looked at to be of the same standard and thus the attitude of Indian students towards foreign courses should automatically be changed.

20. To ensure proper representation of the executive board of the Association in various committees at University.

21. To prepare a guideline by the Federation through an advisory committee for permanent affiliation and autonomy to nursing colleges.

22. To assist and encourage the colleges within the Federation to develop the latent qualities of the students in nursing colleges.

23. To establish information centres in colleges under the Federation to provide opportunities for higher nursing education after graduation. Also providing information regarding employment.

24. The association will prepare a transparent list about the code of conduct on how the nursing education sector will remain free from strikes, layoffs, hartals, propaganda, jealousy, hatred,

rebel organizations, political interference, and take necessary action to seek appeal in courts if necessary.

25. Students should be the centre and strive for their development.

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