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Faculty Development Programme

Nursing faculty members' knowledge, skills, and capacities are intended to be improved through the Association's faculty development programs. The purpose of these programs is to assist faculty members in their capacities as leaders, researchers, and teachers.

The specific objectives of Faculty Development Programs are as below:

1. Enhance teaching skills by incorporating innovative teaching methods, technology, and active learning approaches into the curriculum.

2. Update clinical and professional knowledge through current advancements in nursing practice, technology, and research.

3. Assist faculty in the development, revision, and evaluation of nursing curricula to meet changing healthcare needs.

4. Support in developing a leadership quality among faculty members.

5. Promote teamwork and collaboration among faculty members within the nursing department and across disciplines.

6. Assist the faculty in understanding and meeting accreditation requirements.

7. Provide opportunities for ongoing professional development, such as workshops, conferences, and continuing education.

Schedule of FDP 2023-24

NEP 2020 PPT

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Mastering OSCE

Formulation of OSCE


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